We can help arrange your new mortgage for your new home purchase, ensuring that you receive the right mortgage product to suit your needs. This includes (porting) transferring your current mortgage to your new home which will enable you to keep your current interest rate and save you paying any early repayment charges.

There are many advantages to using our service to arrange your new mortgage:


  • There is no need to take time off work to visit your bank or building society
  • No automated phone calls which last for hours trying to speak to a call centre operative
  • No valuable time required searching ‘best buy’ mortgage rates and following ever changing lending application criteria
  • The application process will be dealt with efficiently and accurately. We monitor daily changes to individual lenders criteria and interest rate changes
  • We complete all of the paperwork with you, either at a face to face meeting or over the telephone and via email
  • You will receive a letter of suitability which records, with supporting comparisons, how we have reached the best mortgage and protection solution for you, purely tailored and bespoke to your personal circumstances
  • The whole process will be fully explained by a qualified mortgage professional


We also strongly recommend a free of charge review of your existing mortgage protection policies, as these are often easily forgotten about, which could lead to you not being fully protected at a time in the future when you need it the most.